Whole30 – Day 23


Summary of the Day:

* mood = crabby

* prepping for holidays in a hotel

* man food for dinner

Let it be noted that I am very crabby today. *RAWR* Sure, I’m glad I’m not overeating on holiday cookies…blah blah blah… I’M TIRED OF COOKING!! I WANT AN EASY MEAL!


Today was just hard. I didn’t have my normal optimism and after a morning pancake fail, I just wanted to quit! (I didn’t of course, but I sure wanted to).

I tried to make some coconut flour pancakes this morning. They were disgusto. I just wanted syrup. I couldn’t even finish them.

Then I spent the afternoon looking up Whole30 friendly restaurants and planning meals that can be made from a hotel room. SUPER hard to do on this program. I’m so close to the end of 30 days, but my time in the hotel is really going to test my patience. Not to mention it’s very hard to eat out without knowing everything the restaurant uses to cook their food. I’m trying not to panic.

Yesterday, during my salt attack, I decided to make the manliest meal I’ve ever made in my life: scotch eggs. I found the recipe here, and felt like I should honestly be in a pub with some dark beer while these were cooking. I mean, talk about a PROTEIN BOMB. Hard boiled eggs wrapped in pork. It was definitely something new for me, but hey, this whole thing is new for me, so why not?

Yes, they were good, I enjoyed them…BUT….

Today, because the universe must have wanted me to laugh, I tried to reheat one of those buggers and POOF! Egg explosion in the kitchen. I decided that I don’t like scotch eggs that much after all.

I’m off to sleep this funk away. goodnight! ;)

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  • Andi 12.27.12

    Ah, sorry about those pancakes and I also just had a microwave explosion myself. I reheated something set it on the counter, turned my back and it EXPLODED. I completely feel your pain, but those scotch eggs do look so tasty right now!

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