Whole30 – Day 19

Summary of the Day:

* feeling a bit off

* Williams-Sonoma, my new playground

* chocolate chili

Hi guys. Today was kind of a weird one. I wish I could say that every day on Whole30 is sunshine and roses, but I was having a seriously off day today. For no apparent reason. I woke up and did all my normal stuff, and I even crossed off some major things I’ve been avoiding on my TODO list. One of those items included pitching a bunch of papers and notes from the previous semesters, and usually this makes me feel GREAT. Throwing stuff away = automatic therapy. But somehow even decluttering wasn’t doing the trick.

So I did what any right-minded girl would do. I put on my brightest pink lipstick and went for a drive. I thought maybe I just needed a little retail therapy to get out of the apartment? Well, I don’t know how it happened, but my mindless wandering led me to a SHOPPING CENTER and as luck would have it, there was a Williams-Sonoma! ;-)

At first I thought, Oh, this will be FUN! and then I remembered. Christmas …Williams Sonoma … Peppermint Bark … SAMPLES!?!?!?!

ohmygawwwwd! This store is a major trigger! Full of non-Whole30 compliant treats! Someone please IMMEDIATELY go to WS and buy/make/eat this for me right now:

Can it really be so bad? It’s mini!

At the end of the trip all I really wanted was this:

A good old fashioned cocktail. Soon enough!

I did buy one splurge. With all the cooking I’ve been doing I’m starting to think there are prob more efficient ways of chopping and preparing. Garlic is one thing that’s been annoying me. It takes me forever to get the outer layer off, and then my hands get all sticky, and I just can’t be bothered after that. So I bought a little garlic peeler:

You put the garlic in there and roll it on a hard surface and the skin comes right off! I tried it tonight and was happy with the results. Hopefully it will make me more willing to keep using fresh garlic (before Whole30 I was hooked on garlic salt for the convenience factor).

Dinner was a chocolate chili (slightly modified using what I had from this recipe). Surprisingly, we are allowed to use unsweetened cocoa as a spice.

I was THRILLED with how it came out! Well-seasoned and very comforting. Plus, this will last me a few days so I won’t have to cook as much. YAY! A winner!

Now, I’m off to soak some almonds and if all goes well, I’ll be able to report on some homemade almond milk tomorrow (oof, my life has grown to exciting proportions!) ;-)  Nighty night.


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  • Andi 12.18.12

    Weird, I’ve never heard of a garlic peeler. I use the blade of a large knife. Lay it lengthwise over the clove of garlic and carefully smoosh the garlic by pressing your palms down on the blade. Like garlic CPR with a knife blade in between. Voila, peel slides off and garlic is halfway to being minced.

    That chili looks so good, can’t wait to do some Minn things with you when you’re in town!

  • girlgonegraphic 12.18.12

    I think I need a few more cooking lessons from Mama S!

    This chili has now taken first place as my favorite Whole30 dish! I’m in heaven!

  • Roy 01.02.13

    I second Andrea on the technique. That’s the most common and easiest method. But if you have a whole army to feed, try this:


    • girlgonegraphic 01.03.13

      …and a beautifully made video too! ;-)

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