Things I’m loving for Fall


1. Those yummy yummy fall smelling candles that Yankee Candle puts out. I went in the store today and had to go one-by-one, down the row, to choose the very best one! I ended up getting “Harvest” scent, which is spicy and warm. I also got two mini votives to try out in “Mountain Lodge” and “Campfire Treat”. I want my home to be warm and welcoming and girly. Plus I love the ritual of waking up in the morning, lighting a candle, and doing some writing while the sun is coming up.

2. Hemlock Grove on Netflix. Perfectly chilling for this time of year. It’s a horror series that starts off with a girl’s murder…and of course, dark secrets start coming out! Hint: there’s a werewolf on the front cover. The imagery is also solid and spooky. Love.

3. Orange lipstick. I just bought a shade called “Saigon Summer”. It feels a little Halloween-y, but if it’s paired with the right clothes it works. I’m all for pushing the boundaries!

4. Caribou Coffee mug. I picked this up on a layover in Minneapolis. It has a caribou on it and when I’m drinking my morning coffee it reminds me of simple summers at the cabin. I have such a soft spot for the North Woods, and this is just a welcome reminder every morning.

5. Watercolors! I bought my first set of watercolor paints today. I’m feeling all crafty and want to start incorporating real painting into my logos and website designs. Super pumped to have a fall day at home painting away!

6. Pretty Pretty Undies! Victoria’s Secret is having a sale right now (7 pair for $26). Even though they are under clothes it always feels good to cycle new prints through and have a party underneath. Go on, treat yourself! :)

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year! Can’t wait to do some baking, wear tall boots, bundle up in a scarf and really feel that crisp air.

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