The High Line NYC


Well hello there New York City! It doesn’t get much more NY than this, walking amidst the skyscrapers. The High Line is an old train route that has been abandoned and turned into a park. They’ve kept the tracks in place and planted shrubs and flowers around them. It’s a beautiful mix of industry + nature.

DanielleEastberg_Highline8Danielle Eastberg @ Highline


Places like this really make me love New York. It’s not an instantly easy city to love. It can be overwhelming, and I hate cabs. But usually when I do get out of the apartment it’s a good time like today.


Danielle Eastberg @ Highline


DanielleEastberg_Highline1 DanielleEastberg_Highline4 DanielleEastberg_Highline3

I’m always trying to pause and take it all in. Sure, it’s just a city. But I’m here! And I would have never guessed that I would be if you had asked me a year ago. Learning to go where life takes me.

DanielleEastberg_Highline1 DanielleEastberg_Highline6To give you a sense of the vibe…we were walking around and heard *click click tap tap tap* only to look over and see a man with a typewriter in the park. He thought he was being funny, but I wasn’t buying it. My guess is he went home to his Macbook Air and posted all about it. ;-)


That’s it! The end of the line… (har har).

(photos by Silver City Photography / girlgonegraphic)

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  • andrea 08.06.13

    Do you always have to look so good?!

    And have I ever told you how much I adore gold shoes?!

  • girlgonegraphic 08.06.13

    thank you sweet darlin’! and no – you have not told me, nor have I seen you wear gold shoes!!! You can borrow mine anytime.

  • C.D. Hermelin 08.07.13

    Nice pictures!

    As the man with the typewriter, I was writing stories for people, right there, while they wait. Like my sign says! It had nothing to do with trying to be funny.

    • girlgonegraphic 08.07.13

      My apologies Mr. Hermelin, didn’t mean to offend. (and how did you even find this picture and my blog?!). I’ve seen one too many people bring their typewriters to Starbucks for attention, but I see you had better intentions. I didn’t stay long enough to find out, my fault. Good luck with the stories! :)

      • C.D. Hermelin 08.12.13

        I have a google alert for “highline” and “typewriter,” but I don’t check it too often.

        I wasn’t offended! I just thought I’d set the record straight. Hope you’ll stop by for a story sometime

  • Sune Uys 09.23.13

    I love the High line! I did not see anyone typing stories when I was there in July:( I’m sad I missed out on getting one written; what a cool idea!

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