Style Shift

style shift

Hi friends. My brain has been exploding with design thoughts lately. It’s funny how as a designer, you can fall in love with something as you’re making it, and a few weeks later, absolutely hate it. That’s why they tell us to stay away from trends, but sometimes it’s hard. I’ve always tried to view this blog as snapshots in time, capturing my style at the moment, but it’s hard to want to blog when you feel like you are still finding your style, or that it’s changing rapidly.

Over the past few months I’ve been spending time working with a fashion company here in New York. It’s been a nice change of pace – they have me working onsite a few days a week and it feels good to be surrounded by highly-motivated people. I create graphics for their email, website, and promotional marketing materials. It’s been a good production exercise for me, because I am forced to create a large number of different style graphics daily. For the first few weeks it was easy to come up with new ideas. But then, after a while, it felt like I really had to dig deep and ask myself what my style was. Why do I prefer this alignment over that? What would make this art better? A thinner font? Different proportions?

As I’ve been doing more work for this company it’s been helping me to further define my own style. Since I have to work within the bounds of a style guide for them, when I get to design for myself I just want to break all the rules. I’ve been drawn towards more minimalistic themes and keeping the focus on the most important part of the content, either the image or text, but not overcrowding it.

Also, I’ve been exposed to a ton of new fashion terms! I suppose that’s what New York is good for, right? As I’ve been upping my vocab here, I’ve wanted to start posting more about fashion and the behind-the-scenes stuff I’m learning. So I’m just going to let this content run its course.

Other than that, life is good. Been doing a lot of writing. Holidays snuck up on me. I got a Vitamix. Read Divergent. Still feeling lucky in life. That’s about it for now. :)

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