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NMG_6_LogosI recently had the pleasure of working with Northeast Mountain Guiding to create a logo for their outdoor adventure company. When I originally met with the owner we discussed making something that was rugged, masculine, and captured the feeling of being outdoors. I was really excited for this because I love camping, and grew up going to the Northwoods in Minnesota ever year. Naturally, I listened to campfire tunes the whole time I was designing this and it felt special.

After researching climbing, hiking, and mountain gear to get inspired, I came up with the below moodboard as a design guideline:


From there it was time to design. I wanted to come up with 6 different types of logo styles so that the client would have a variation to choose from (see above). In the end, the client loved the bottom left, and we ended up working off that for a final revision. The color scheme below was inspired by vintage camping tents, which gave it a warm and nostalgic feel.

NMG Logo

This was such a fun project, and I want to start sharing more process posts like this. I’m excited to create more! :)

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