Happy Friday!

happy friday from girlgonegraphic

Today was one of those days…

The gas man came at like 8:00am when I was still in my underwear. Great.

The internet wasn’t working. Because there was a power outage yesterday and something got fried. So after several hours on the phone, countless phone transfers, and at least 3 disconnects, it is kind of working now. Only the modem is too slow for the internet speed and now they need to send a new one.

Let’s just say the morning was off to a rough start. And after all the distractions I was feeling grumpy so I decided to try and go with the day instead of fighting it. I put on my oven mitts and whipped up a batch of Jessica’s double chocolate cookies, immediately.

Baking therapy was the ticket. Feeling better already. Happy Friday everyone (even if it starts out sucky)!

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  • andrea 08.09.13

    Totally cracking up about you being caught in your underwear :) That and it’s hard to look at those sunflowers and not feel cheery!

    p.s. How have you not mentioned this recipe before?! Mascarpone Glaze?!?!?!!!

    • girlgonegraphic 08.10.13

      I mean HONESTLY! Last time they said they’d be here between 8:00-12:00am and they showed up at 1:00pm. So the one day they are actually on time… of course!

      That recipe is only a few days old!!! Else I would have shared for sure. I had to freeze half the dough cause they are tooooooo easy to eat. :)

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