Grand Central Terminal

ggg_grand_central_01Every so often you need to ignite the senses. Enter: Grand Central Terminal. This one happened to be in my backyard, but somehow I’d never been. Many moons ago I read The Artist’s Way and I can say with confidence that it’s been one of the most transforming books of my life. I mean, it took me through a career change, opened my mind on spirituality, and helped me become a writer. There are actually three books in the series. I read the second one a few years after the first and started the third one a few months ago. It’s called Finding Water: The Art of Perseverance. I’ve been enjoying the creative reminders and getting back to basics. One of the staple ingredients to any creative process, says Julia Cameron, is the Artist Date. It’s where you travel somewhere to fill your creative well, whether it be a flower shop, a bookstore, or in my case, fricken Grand Central!

ggg_grand_central_03I let my mind wander and I let the camera snap. The experience was much more enjoyable after having seen all the Harry Potter movies. Any imagery that can fuel the imagination makes it 10x more fun. The station itself is fully functioning and busy! No shortage of commuters here.

ggg_grand_central_05Can we talk about these elevators from The Shining? (Not for reals, but kinda for reals…)

ggg_grand_central_07The bottom floor had markets where you could buy some goodies. (Cue Goodies by Ciara)

ggg_grand_central_09I used to have a teacher who would harp on us and say, “You’re living in an INTERNATIONAL city! Get out there and explore!” I’m trying to do a better job of that. So far this year I’ve covered the new Whitney Museum, MoMA, Grand Central, Cooper Hewitt, and the top of the Empire State Building. Next up: Museum of Natural History. Can’t wait!

ggg_grand_central_11That’s the end of the tour folks. I’ve got some chex mix in the oven that needs attending to. I was too impatient to wait for fall. Besides, the only rules are THERE ARE NO RULES! Have a great week.

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