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Monoton Font Love - girlgonegraphic

Weeeeeee! Roller skating! I saw this font and immediately pictured a 1970s roller rink with oversized fountain drinks and hot dogs. And as I was searching for images I found all these old pictures of roller rinks and it just made me smile. Is it possible to have nostalgia for something you weren’t alive for? I mean, I grew up with a Cheap Skate next to my house. I remember a dude with curly hair running the DJ booth who would roll up next to us and pass out free pepsi tickets if we were skatin’ good. I think that counts?

ANYWAY. Back to the font. It’s a freebie called Monoton. And I have a design teacher who would be cursing me right now because I called it a “font” and not a “type”. FYI – type is the name of the font family (Monoton) and font is the actual variant of the family (Monoton regular). WHATEVER, TEACHERS! I’m a free bird now! (ca-caaaw). Enjoy the font!

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