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I Love Bodoni | Victionary

A couple of weeks ago I ordered this beautiful book, I Love Bodoni, by Victionary. I found it on Amazon and was compelled by the imagery. Plus, it’s always good to find design inspiration in paper form, rather than just relying on the internet. When the book came I was blown away. It was so pretty, I didn’t want a single scuff mark or bent page.

Even though I’ve taken a class in Typography, I really don’t feel like I know that much about the history of type. I definitely have a gut reaction of “I LOVE this font” or “I HATE that font”, but my curiosity drove me to dig a bit deeper. Why do I hate that font? (Because it reminds me of Art Deco, usually!)

Anyway. Bodoni was always one of those ones that I just LOVED. So it was a natural fit to add this to my cart and learn about it.

I Love Bodoni | by Victionary | photo by girlgonegraphic

Some things I’ve learned: This type was created by Giambattista Bodoni (surprise!), who was Italian, in 1798. It’s been recreated in digital format by modern type foundries, since the original form was letterpress. Some of the most popular versions include Bauer Bodoni and ITC Bodoni. They are all beautiful to me. This book had a ton of awesome imagery and examples of Bodoni in the wild:

I Love Bodoni | by Victionary | photo by girlgonegraphic

Fun fact: Bodoni was Salvador Dali’s favorite typeface. Since he was like, a creative genius, I guess that means I have good taste?! The typeface has been used largely in the fashion and entertainment industries, but one not-so-obvious company is IBM. They used it for their visual identity in 1984. Cool!

I Love Bodoni | by Victionary | photo by girlgonegraphic

I would describe Bodoni as elegant, confident, strong, established, and even romantic. There’s a natural flow that happens between the thick and thin stems of the letters, which is harmonious especially when used in a display or headline. Bottom line, I’m head over heels for this baby. It’s going to be my “go to” when I need something with sophistication and beauty.

To wrap it all up, I made a little summary square to keep in my back pocket. I think the “personality” section says it all – and will be useful when creating new campaigns.

Bodoni Type Info | girlgonegraphic

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