Drawing in the Park

girlgonegraphic_park_drawing girlgonegraphic_park_drawing

Happy Labor Day weekend! Is everyone doing something fun with the extra day off? It’s the time of year that represents the end of summer and coming of fall, which I couldn’t be more excited for!

I did a lot of relaxing this weekend. I checked out a new coffee shop in the neighborhood that sells French Escargot (the cinnamon pastry, not the snail!). I broke out my new watercolor set and started getting used to that. It was fun focusing so intently on something, and I kept hearing Bob Ross’ voice in my head saying “There are no mistakes, just happy accidents…” That definitely helped me get the paint out onto the paper!

Finally, I had a little Artist Date in the park. If you’ve read The Artist’s Way you’ll know what I’m talking about. Julia Cameron, the author, talks about sending yourself on an Artist Date once a week to keep filling up your creative well. Whether it’s stopping in a used bookstore, going for a nature walk, or drawing in the park like I did, it’s something that gets you away from the computer and out and about to be inspired.

girlgonegraphic_park_drawinggirlgonegraphic_park_drawing girlgonegraphic_park_drawinggirlgonegraphic_park_drawing

girlgonegraphic_park_drawing girlgonegraphic_park_drawing girlgonegraphic_park_drawing

Have a beautiful beautiful weekend, and don’t forget to take some time for fun!


(photos by Silver City Photography)

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