True life…it’s been forever and a day since I’ve made a moodboard! There’s a beautiful sunshine outside but all I feel like doing is staying in, drinking coffee, listening to soulful sounds and being creative. Go figure.

Feeling black and tan today (also, I’d like a black and tan right now, but that’s a different story…).

Did a ton of writing this morning. Whenever things feel off-kilter, I usually just need to write. The problem is getting myself to sit down and do it. I will fuss and kick and say, “What’s wrong with me, why do I feel so off?!” but usually I know. Sometimes I write stream-of-consciousness, other times I write a small story or a scene I’ve been playing out in my head, or sometimes I write towards a larger novel. The point is I’m doing some sort of creative output and then I feel better.

Things are on the up and up lately. I’m going to Lake Tahoe in a little under a month to get away from the city and celebrate my friend’s wedding, so that will be great. Summer is here which means walks in the park, iced coffee and rooftop drinks. My apartment is clean, I’ve been exercising regularly and eating semi-healthy…so yay adulthood!

Listened to this entire album while making this. Feeling pensive in a good way. Now I’m off to a show tonight. Hope everyone had a great long holiday weekend. :)



White Wash

girlgonegraphic_white_washI’ve been collecting more white / airy / simple inspiration lately, so I thought it was time to share. Plus, it’s Friday night, and I’m hooked on this new podcast called Serial, so what else was I gonna do? The white water tower is my favorite. Surprisingly I found it on a stock photography site, OFFSET, which is a breath of fresh air as far as stock photography is concerned.

Now that Serial podcast – that is right up my alley. I’m hooked on the idea. A crime story? Told chronologically, in hour-long episodes? From This American Life? SOLD. I didn’t need any convincing. I love the idea, and it’s the perfect ritual to listen to while getting some work done. Have a lovely weekend!




Hi guys! I hope you can guess my mood from today’s post. I woke up wanting to create something light and bright. I’ve been on a peanut butter and jelly kick lately, so I made some toast and then cranked this guy out. I’ve been feeling productive again, finally. I go in cycles, and sometimes I’m buckling down and going through the motions and other times I’m genuinely seeking and using every last minute of the day. It feels good to be on the foothill of another productive cycle!

I am almost on my two-week mark of no caffeine. I decided to cut out all caffeine and chocolate for two weeks since I was having trouble sleeping. The first week was AWFUL. I was cranky, napping, and pretty much hated life. I found myself substituting all kinds of sugar to try and feel better for the caffeine lack. I think I’m finally starting to regulate though. My energy is much more even throughout the day. I woke up on my own at 6:00am this morning (yay!). As for the chocolate, I’m going to start allowing that again after tomorrow.  The caffeine, however, I will avoid for a bit longer. It feels like it was so hard to get to this point and I feel nice and clean and addiction-free, so I don’t want to go back to the old habit right away!

I also spent some time this weekend creating a real portfolio. Previously I had a scrolling PDF with all my projects on it, but it was time to put my stuff on a grown-up site and let it be more interactive. You can check that out, here:

In addition to my graphic projects I’ve been doing more writing lately. I wake up almost every morning with a new idea for a fiction novel. In a way I feel like I’m tapping into a creative well, and then just letting the ideas go. I write all of them down, but I don’t develop them. I’ve got about 5,000 words into a murder mystery I’m working on, and another 7,000 into a self-help book. I finished a book earlier this year but kept it to myself because I felt like my own thoughts and opinions were changing so rapidly. I’d like to finish these books I’m working on, and write a bunch more, and get to the point where I feel comfortable pushing the ‘publish’ button. I don’t doubt my creativity or ideas, but I do wonder if my writing style would actually be interesting to read. Either way, I will keep writing. :)

Off to get some work done. Have a good day!


girlgonegraphic | moodboard

When I made this I was feeling the neutrals…but of course at the last minute that coral color popped in! What can ya do?

True to form I am on the laptop and watching scifi as I make this (has anyone seen Hemlock Grove?) It’s been busy around here. In a good way. I’m learning to let go of my expectations a bit in terms how much I can actually get done in a day. I feel really excited and motivated lately and there are a million things I want to create. But in reality there are only so many hours in a day, and I need to eat and sleep at some point! ;-)

Still, happy to be inspired. The rest will sort itself out.

moodboard by Danielle Eastberg

I love making these things! It’s become a little ritual. Cozy up on the couch, put on some scifi, flip through inspiration boards and see what comes out in the moment. I’ve been craving the North Woods so I thought this was going to turn out more rustic. But, feminine and dreamy still came through. That KITTEH! to die. :)

I’ve got a trip scheduled to Yosemite National Park in a few weeks. I can’t WAIT to get out there and be surrounded by nature! I’m also excited for my FAVORITE CUPCAKES of all time, Kara’s Cupcakes, which are only made in the bay area. Banana Caramel has my heart.  ♥



moodboard2 by Danielle Eastberg

I’m not even sure what my mood is today. Daydreamy? Whimsy? Lost in space?! Anyway. What comes out comes out. That’s what I’m learning with art. It can’t be forced and you just have to let it happen. How perfectly adorable is that roller skate? I don’t even skate, but I wish I did cause I wanna put on some lipstick, pop some bubble gum, put my hair in pigtails and ride down the street.

It’s a quiet day here today. Working on some projects and I’m about to take my midday break and catch up on Pretty Little Liars. Hope everyone is having a good day. Cheerio!