ggg_lima_labelI’m excited to share some recent work I did for a fashion startup here in NYC. This is the final design for a clothing line called Lima. The company I was working for was in the process of creating several private collections and they needed labels to sew on each garment. This particular line had a ton of cozy knits and sweaters. The company wanted the branding to reflect high-end style while capturing the idea that these were knits. The garments were being manufactured in Lima, Peru, which turned out to be the perfect name for the collection.

My goal was to capture the feeling of knitwear and something hand-sewn, while still presenting an upscale garment line (nothing too crafty). I love how the final product turned out, and it’s pretty cool to know that these are in circulation across the US!


NMG_6_LogosI recently had the pleasure of working with Northeast Mountain Guiding to create a logo for their outdoor adventure company. When I originally met with the owner we discussed making something that was rugged, masculine, and captured the feeling of being outdoors. I was really excited for this because I love camping, and grew up going to the Northwoods in Minnesota ever year. Naturally, I listened to campfire tunes the whole time I was designing this and it felt special.

After researching climbing, hiking, and mountain gear to get inspired, I came up with the below moodboard as a design guideline:


From there it was time to design. I wanted to come up with 6 different types of logo styles so that the client would have a variation to choose from (see above). In the end, the client loved the bottom left, and we ended up working off that for a final revision. The color scheme below was inspired by vintage camping tents, which gave it a warm and nostalgic feel.

NMG Logo

This was such a fun project, and I want to start sharing more process posts like this. I’m excited to create more! :)



Ohmygod. I have SO much respect for you designers who can handwrite in pretty pretty lettering. SO much respect. I hope I don’t regret posting this someday, as I’m sure I will look back and think how amateur it looks. But, in the spirit of honest reporting, this is where I’m at right now. Handwriting is HARD. I think I might need some fancy pens to do more calligraphic stuff.

Anyway, it’s not all bad, because one of my goals was to start incorporating REAL watercolor into my designs. Not just a “watercolor brush”, which only takes you so far, but the real deal. So, although I’m in the learning stages, I am proud to say that these watercolor swatches are 100% my own! It feels good. With time, I know the hand-lettering will get there. But everyone has to start somewhere. So here I am!

The name – Josephine – it’s just always been a name I thought was beautiful. So I decided to use it for my little sample logos. Although they didn’t come out quite like I pictured in my head, I’m still glad I went through the experience, and next time it will be easier. sigh. :)


Donut Haus


Here’s something fun! A few in-progress shots of a concept logo for Donut Haus. You just never know what’s going to come out when you open yourself up to creativity! I started out with a basic idea and went through the design process to develop these babies…and I’m always surprised by the turns they take along the way. I feel like driving through so many small towns in Minnesota as a kid had a powerful effect on the imagery I’m drawn towards. The retro colors and styles come through as I imagine passing by all those tall restaurant signs on the road, often stopping for pastries. Oh, nostalgia! ♥