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wallpaper by Danielle EastbergDownload the free wallpaper by clicking on the image and then right-clicking > save as. You can also click here. Dimensions are 1920 x 1200. If anyone has any issues downloading or the resolution isn’t automatically centering on their machine, please leave a comment below as I will be creating more of these and I want them to all be nice and accessible. I can create more sizes in the future. :)


The quote reads “Do what you say you’re going to do!”

I first read this in Danielle LaPorte’s The Fire Starter Sessions book. She wrote: “This is the single most powerful behavior for success.” Single most powerful? Damn! I really had to stop and reflect on my own actions. How many times have I said I wanted to do something, only to go at it a few days, and then let other priorities take over? How many big dreams do I have where they are always hanging in the sidelines, but I’m not actually putting forth the work to accomplish them, as I said I would do?

Well, this is partially the intention behind making these graphics. I want to get better at hand-lettering. It’s HUGE in the graphics world – from coffee shops and packaging to blogs and logos. So I wanted to get some practice in. I also thought this would be a good reminder to see on the desktop in order to follow through with my intentions. The follow through is key.

Feel free to download and enjoy if it rings true with you, too. :)

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  • andrea 08.06.13

    I’m raising my guilty flag… I struggle with this!

    • girlgonegraphic 08.06.13

      you ain’t alone girlfriend!

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