ggg_lima_labelI’m excited to share some recent work I did for a fashion startup here in NYC. This is the final design for a clothing line called Lima. The company I was working for was in the process of creating several private collections and they needed labels to sew on each garment. This particular line had a ton of cozy knits and sweaters. The company wanted the branding to reflect high-end style while capturing the idea that these were knits. The garments were being manufactured in Lima, Peru, which turned out to be the perfect name for the collection.

My goal was to capture the feeling of knitwear and something hand-sewn, while still presenting an upscale garment line (nothing too crafty). I love how the final product turned out, and it’s pretty cool to know that these are in circulation across the US!


this_instax_life_02Another week, another round of Instaxing. This week I tried a new pizza place (doesn’t everybody just need a pizza night once in a while? Pizza will always be nostalgic to me). The dolphin on the top right, I’ve nicknamed her Annie, and she exists in a creepy abandoned water park by my house. The water has long since dried up, but the decaying structures remain (dun dun dun). I love walking through it because it feels like such a good book/movie scene. Bottom right – I’ve been taking a ton of baths lately. This is the first place I’ve had in several years that has a clean bathtub and I take full advantage. It’s the best way to wind down at night.



I wouldn’t mind owning these things. That mug – wouldn’t it be the perfect touch on a fall day? A little twinkle of gold? And those shoes – not sure how long I would last, but I would certainly give ‘em a try. Along with my design style, my wardrobe has certainly been changing too. I’ve been going for bolder statement pieces and not worrying too much about splurging on a really unique/odd item. I love putting it all together and letting the mind dream with possibilities.




I am SO excited to present my new blog and branding! It was time for a change. My style has shifted SO MUCH in the past year. I’ve been ready to switch things up. I wanted to create a space that was cleaner and had a white background, so I could post a wider variety of things without colors clashing. This way, the focus is on the content.

ggg_new_blog_2-3A little on the site design. This is my first time having a sidebar on the right-hand side. I like how the content comes first. Believe it or not I used the good ‘ol golden rectangle to start the design process / get the alignment of objects right. I ended up modifying the spacing a bit, but it definitely served as a starting point and I trust that the ratio is pleasing to the eye.

Another cool feature – the site has a sticky sidebar. The sidebar will scroll up with the page but only until a certain point, so that the nav, search, and categories will remain on the page. (that one took many a late nights to figure out!) Worth it.

Finally, the site is now responsive! (kind of). Let’s just say it’s as responsive as my testing capabilities allow. It works on my iPad and iPhone, but without going too deep into the development world, I’m happy with it. I actually finished designing the site months ago, but got tied up in the coding. The theme that I use (Thesis) came out with a major overhaul between the time I had learned how to use it, so it was a pretty hefty learning curve to figure out the new system.

Maybe I should have hired a developer, but I still have a hard time dropping the cash when I know I can figure it out (mostly) myself, even though it ends up taking way longer than it should. Maybe next round! Until then, it felt rewarding to even get it this far!


Next came the business cards. I went for simple this time around. Besides the fact that it’s hard to design for yourself, I wanted to make something that I wouldn’t hate a few months down the road (cause that never happens…). I opted for a thicker card stock which helps balance the minimalism.

ggg_new_blog_4-5My facebook page got an update over here. Lots of good stuff all around. :) I’m sure I’ll be making little changes here and there, but I’m happy to finally ship this project. I look forward to posting more on the fresh new space!




I’m starting a new column – “This Instax Life” – which will include snapshots of my whereabouts and activities. I’m excited for this because it gives me an excuse to go exploring. I’ve also fallen quickly in love with my new Instax camera, so I want to continue documenting memories. ❤

This week was walking around Madison Square Park, getting doughnuts at Doughnut Plant NYC (the most DELICIOUS!), and working from my local coffee shop. More to come.



I’ve been on the hunt for new fonts lately. It’s easy to fall back on the old favorites, isn’t it? I know there’s some beauties out there. I found this one here (it’s free too!).  I love it because it’s pragmatic with style. Not too frilly, but thick enough to make a statement.

I wasn’t sure what “heuristica” meant so I looked it up. The best description was a “technique of inquiry and discovery”. Another description talked about finding a solution through science. I think that is fitting, no? Anyway, hope to use this soon!


A&O_color_barsI look forward to the Alice & Olivia emails every week. They do such a nice job capturing a mood! I especially dig the fall colors they’ve been putting out. I love the pops of BOLD in this one.


I Love Bodoni | Victionary

A couple of weeks ago I ordered this beautiful book, I Love Bodoni, by Victionary. I found it on Amazon and was compelled by the imagery. Plus, it’s always good to find design inspiration in paper form, rather than just relying on the internet. When the book came I was blown away. It was so pretty, I didn’t want a single scuff mark or bent page.

Even though I’ve taken a class in Typography, I really don’t feel like I know that much about the history of type. I definitely have a gut reaction of “I LOVE this font” or “I HATE that font”, but my curiosity drove me to dig a bit deeper. Why do I hate that font? (Because it reminds me of Art Deco, usually!)

Anyway. Bodoni was always one of those ones that I just LOVED. So it was a natural fit to add this to my cart and learn about it.

I Love Bodoni | by Victionary | photo by girlgonegraphic

Some things I’ve learned: This type was created by Giambattista Bodoni (surprise!), who was Italian, in 1798. It’s been recreated in digital format by modern type foundries, since the original form was letterpress. Some of the most popular versions include Bauer Bodoni and ITC Bodoni. They are all beautiful to me. This book had a ton of awesome imagery and examples of Bodoni in the wild:

I Love Bodoni | by Victionary | photo by girlgonegraphic

Fun fact: Bodoni was Salvador Dali’s favorite typeface. Since he was like, a creative genius, I guess that means I have good taste?! The typeface has been used largely in the fashion and entertainment industries, but one not-so-obvious company is IBM. They used it for their visual identity in 1984. Cool!

I Love Bodoni | by Victionary | photo by girlgonegraphic

I would describe Bodoni as elegant, confident, strong, established, and even romantic. There’s a natural flow that happens between the thick and thin stems of the letters, which is harmonious especially when used in a display or headline. Bottom line, I’m head over heels for this baby. It’s going to be my “go to” when I need something with sophistication and beauty.

To wrap it all up, I made a little summary square to keep in my back pocket. I think the “personality” section says it all – and will be useful when creating new campaigns.

Bodoni Type Info | girlgonegraphic



I’ve come across it a few times now. I’ll need to make a zig-zag pattern for one reason or another. Sometimes I need a small, cute way to divide up text. Other times I’ll want to accentuate a pattern on a dress. And while this may be a better suited project for Illustrator, sometimes you just want to work in Photoshop!

I’ve always done a different method on the fly – making triangle shapes and repeating them, then cutting out the insides. But I figured there had to be a better way – and there is. After some googling I came across this tutorial, which I think is by far the simplest method. So I wanted to share.  Follow the steps below for some hot zig-zag action!


zig-zag-post_04With the rectangle layer selected, go to Filter > Distort > Wave.
(It will ask you if you want to rasterize the shape, click ok.)
In the “Type” box, select Triangle.


If you want a symmetrical-looking wave, keep the min/max wavelength and amplitude numbers as close together as possible. Try playing around, or use the above input as a start. Click “OK”.


You may end up with a funky-looking wave, in which case it’s best to clean up the edges. Select the rectangle marquee tool, line it up to a wave peak, and then use the eraser tool to trim up the edges.


Repeat on other side and, viola!



Add some texture and have fun!




Twin PeaksI first started watching Twin Peaks several months ago because Netflix recommended it. During the title scene, which lasted forever, I got bored and turned it off. I figured it was too “dated” for me – all the colors were muddy in that VHS sort of way, and the music sounded like an overproduction of synthesizer chords. But for some reason, a few days later, I gave it another go. Maybe I was just curious about Laura Palmer. At first it was painstakingly slow for me. But the second Agent Cooper arrived, talking to Diane in his tape recorder, in search of pie, I knew I was hooked.

I was so hooked, in fact, that I became one of those fans. Like everyone else, I grew to love the characters. I loved the quarks, and I even started loving the long, dramatic scenes, because it was so different than what I’m used to today. And then, just when you think it can’t get better, there will be random inserts of brilliant philosophy on life and spirituality, and somehow it completely fit in the small town vibe.

Let’s just say I grew to LOVE Twin Peaks. And I mean LOVE. I feel like it will be part of me forever. I feel better for watching it, and there’s a warm spot in my heart when I think of it. Even though it was only 2 seasons long, it was done so well and has already gathered a cult following. Also, it makes me want to pack up and move to a small town for the summer, and go find a little diner to call home.

Twin Peaks 2So anyway, I knew I had to do something to commemorate this fun time. Shows like this only come around once in a while, ones that you really fall in love with. So I put together some imagery that makes me feel like part of the scene. The show may be over, but I had to somehow capture that feeling. The entire time I was making this I was listened to thunder and rain sounds (found here), which also helped the mood. I was thinking it would be fun to throw a Twin Peaks brunch party, with donuts and coffee, and decorations you’d find at the Great Northern Hotel. Or maybe there’s a future Halloween costume in all of this? We’ll see. Love my Twin Peaks. ❤ ❤